Bloody Proud: Free Sanitary Napkins Will Be Dispensed At Our Favourite Cinema Complex

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You’ve probably seen a lot of celebs  take pictures holding sanitary pads on Instagram. Bewildered? There’s a lot of buzz on social media as part of Akshay Kumar’s promotions for his upcoming film PadMan. The film is inspired by Tamil Nadu’s Arunachalam Muruganantham who worked tirelessly to provide rural women low-cost sanitary napkins.  SPI Cinemas has come out with an awesome initiative as part of the PadMan challenge. Vending Machines at Sathyam Cinemas will provide free sanitary napkins and the rest of their cinema halls like Escape, Palazzo, Le Rêve Cinemas, The Cinema and S2 will soon follow suit! Sure, most of the movie goers will be able to buy a pack of napkins without a hassle on their own, but we love the initiative because menstrual hygiene is no more a topic to discuss behind closed doors. Just like Arunachalam’s inspiring tale, it’s all about breaking taboos and starting a revolution step-by-step. We heart this!


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