We'll Tell You Why Every Chennaite Loves The Iconic Fruit Shop On Greams Road

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What Makes It Awesome

There aren’t many juice shops in Chennai that have been around as long as Fruit Shop On Greams Road has, and far fewer have grown to be as successful. With over a dozen locations spread across the city, you’re never too far from a Jughead Special (about INR 155), their most popular shake which is a combination of dried fruits and ice cream. Their menu is the wackiest part of the experience, as they have over 50 different types of fruit juices and shakes, most carrying a crazy name. Ever tried a Pink Panther? (a combination of sweet lime and citrus), or how about their new Guavan Rhapsody? Or maybe a Tweety (a combination of watermelon and citric fruit).

My personal favourite is their regular Mango Juice and no matter which branch I go to they always manage to get the right thickness and consistency. The only sad part is that the fruit is seasonal! Fruit Shop On Greams Road's Lime Mint Cooler is also quite popular. Quick tip -  it actually tastes better without sugar!

Fruit Shop On Greams Road also has a lot of other filling shakes, desserts, salads and sandwiches. Of their dessert lineup, the two you can’t go wrong with are their Caramel Custard and the Tender Coconut Pudding. Both are so fresh and so yummy.  They’ve even got homemade cheesecakes, but those are seasonal.


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