#SomethingSneaky: We Found Someone Who Can Paint Your Sneakers!

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Shakunthala KL, who has done illustrations for popular brands like Kalpa Druma, can also paint everything from islands and oceans to Batman and Joker on your sneakers.

What Makes It Awesome

We’ve heard of art on tawas and cookies, but have you heard of art on sneakers? Meet Shakuntala KL, who is putting a splash of colour on shoes and making them funky. She paints on plain white sneakers and they are super original and custom-made.

From painting to doll-stitching, Shakunthala attended lots of art classes during her summer holidays in school. Being ‘supremely broke’ all the time (we feel you, bro), she started buying plain white sneakers from Bata and painted whatever she felt like. She has been doing this for the past three months and we can’t get enough!

From floral patterns to illustrations of Batman and the Joker, she’s done it all. Recently, she painted a representation of the Mykonos Island for a London-based blogger. After drawing an outline with a pencil, she uses acrylic paints to complete her art. It takes 6-8 hours to paint a pair so take good care of them. A word of caution - these sneakers are water resistant but not water-proof (you can't wash them). Treat them just like you would treat any printed sneakers, she says. The shoes are priced from INR 1,800. She is going to use 3D fluorescent paint to make glow-in-the-dark sneakers, soon! So, grab your plain sneakers and give them a makeover! 


Shakunthala will soon be retailing out of a store, so watch out for that! You can call her and place your orders. 


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