Learn To Cut Glass Bottles, Make Miniatures, And Pendants At The Only Glass Studio In Chennai!

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Radhika Krish does magic with glass. She really does, at Goli Soda Glass Studio. Get to learn everything about glass as a medium, and the different techniques at the only glass studio in the city. 

What Makes It Awesome

Keep calm and melt glass - well, that's pretty much what you will get to learn at Goli Soda Glass Studio, the brainchild of Radhika Krish. With a Fine Arts degree from Ohio University, Radhika came to Chennai looking for a glass studio. And when she didn't find any, she decided to open her own. We are so glad she took that call

At the studio, you get to learn how fascinating glass as a medium is. One gets to learn how to cut glass bottles, make animals (primarily turtle, a bird, and an animal), and blow glass. Radhika's studio is well equipped with the right equipment (think furnace, kiln, cutting glass, and torches, safety gear like gloves and glasses, too). The classes for beginners and for those who have had some experience in the art field. 

The basic bottle cutting lcasee costs INR 1,500.


Kids can make their own designs (flowers, birds, etc) and give them to Radhika who will then make glass pieces of the same!


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