Love Embossed Crystals And Glasses? Then This Gift Store Is For You

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What Makes It Awesome

Honestly, no gift feels better than the ones which have that personal touch to it. It could be an internal joke or a favourite moment, a letter or even a picture of your favourite book character. Now, the problem arises in what possible way could these gifts be given and yet be different? Gondget store in Arumbakkam has heard your call. They customise all kinds of gifts and pride themselves in the creative personalising options they provide. 

Let us tell you what totally intrigues us in the store. Their 3D crystals are just lit! You just have to give them a picture, and they will emboss it inside the crystals, making it look like the picture floats inside. These come in different shapes. You can go for plain old crystal cubes, balancing diamonds, heart or even an apple-shaped crystal. Should you require it, Gondget will customise the shape too. You can even choose to go for a rotating base with flickering lights inside. A small personalised crystal cube will cost you INR 1099, and one with a rotating one will cost you INR 1299.

They have the same in 2D glass as well! Next up are their magic mirrors. How they work is totally mind-boggling. Click a picture through your phone in front of these personalised mirrors and these will display your picture immediately. Crazy, isn't it? These cost about INR 1599. Gondget has a collection of mugs, mobile covers, cushions, keychains, puzzles and bags too. They even customise ceramic plates which you can decorate your living room with. Or you could go for a magic cushion. While it looks like a normal pillow covered with sequin, one swipe and your loved ones will see themselves on it.

Don't know about gifting, but we totally just want them all to ourselves. 


They have car dashboard idols and devotional gifts as well. If you don't want to gift and have them for yourself, you could always take a picture or a drawing and have it personalised on their products for your pleasure. (don't know about you, but we are going to do that.)


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