Top Five Reasons To Visit The Egmore Museum

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What Makes It Awesome

The Government Museum in Egmore is the second oldest museum in the country and has some of the coolest sights you can see. All for the price of INR 15!  Here are the top five things you've got to check out there. The life-size, animatronic Tyrannosaurus Rex exhibit. Located in the natural history section, the head of the T-Rex moves from side to side and looks surprisingly life-like. 

Located inside the Government Museum complex, we also found the Connemara Library, one of the oldest libraries in the country. Started in 1890, this library has over 599,999 books for you to check out including centuries-old publications and ancients texts. 

The Government Museum also has a Children’s Museum that's filled with colourful visual exhibits of animal history, Indian history, scientific advancement, and other general knowledge that we’ve all come to pass as commonly known. We remember having fond memories of being taken here as a child. There's also the Natural History Museum displaying a vast collection of animal exhibits from across the globe along with placards that give you details about the species. You will definitely feel like you are on a Nat Geo site. 

You also have The Museum Theatre to check out. A technological marvel as well as a hub for the city’s theatre groups, The Museum Theatre can accommodate about 600 people and comes with impressive acoustics and air conditioning. That and the beautiful trees here. While not officially on the museum's list of attractions, Government Museum is known for its magnificent neem, tamarind, mango and banyan trees that offer plenty of shade and a space to relax under. There's also a sculpture garden with appealing, intricately drawn stone structures. So, when are you going? 

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