Spaceship Water Bottles, Quirky Clocks, Imported Storage Boxes: Buy Them All From This Home Essentials Store

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What Makes It Awesome

Looking to replace your kitchenware with some new products? Want to buy some knick-knacks to add a refreshing touch to your house? Then we suggest you head to Home Avenue on Purusaiwakkam High Road. Located on the ground floor inside the famous Bhaiaya Complex, this store is loaded with household and kitchenware products. From wooden keyholders to pantry storage boxes, you can find everything here. Their towels and doormat section is particularly worth checking out because of the vast variety in both colours and sizes. We particularly liked the Batman and Marvel characters themed towels that are perfect for kids and are priced at just INR 270. 

The clocks and hundis here that start from INR 350 are also quite cool. We particularly liked their two-sided clocks that come with a stand and have a vintage appeal. Priced at INR 2000, these are available only in two sizes and in black metal. Home Avenue also has a limited collection of scented candles and artificial flowers. The rose and citrus candles are particularly pleasant smelling and are priced at INR 250.

The kitchenware section here includes a variety of chopping boards, lunchboxes and storage boxes. We totally loved their board and knives set that comes with three knives of different sizes and a 2x2 feet chopping board that has a fibre body. They also have nice lunch accessories for kids that include colourful lunchboxes, barrel, and spaceship-shaped sippers, starting from INR 150. As for the storage boxes, these also have a fibre body and are available in soft pinks and greens. Offering a storage capacity of 500 ml, these start from INR 150 and go up till INR 350 per piece. They currently have a sale on all their items, so make sure you head there as soon as you can.

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