House Enchanting! This Online Store Makes Organic Bath Products, And They Look Magical!

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House Of Ilaa

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What Makes It Awesome

It is said that nature has all the products that can not only heal your body and mind but your soul as well. House Of Ilaa is an online store that handcrafts bath products made out of natural ingredients. The natural essence and ingredients used in the products are said to have therapeutic effects on the body. The best part is that not only are these products cruelty-free but also vegan.

House Of Ilaa makes a range of differently shaped soaps which smell as enchanting as they look. They can be brought as just bars or as carved roses. They have a different mix of ingredients to deal with various bodily issues as well. Are wrinkles annoying you? Give a try to their anti-ageing facial soap made out of French clay, shea butter and coconut milk for just INR 120. If the smell of coffee marks the most refreshing part of your day, then add it to your bath routine as well with their exfoliating bar made with coffee, oats and honey mix.

They have face masks for tanning and acne too. These are packed in alluring mason jars and are made out of activated charcoal, sandalwood powder, healing clay and lemon peel powder. House Of Ilaa even has glittering sugar scrubs packed in three flavours - lemon, patchouli and rose. They look just like pixie dust! They even have sea salt, lip scrubs and balm which come in colourful pocket-sized boxes.

The best yet to add to your bath routine is their artisanal candles. You can have a rejuvenating bath as your mind calms to the essence of the scented candles, that look just as good as they smell. 


Along with making and selling bath products, you can get your tarot card reading done here as well. House of Ilaa also makes and sells mandala decor. 


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