Throwing A Party, Or Just Looking For Quirky Products? Find Them All At This Epic Store

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What Makes It Awesome

Hunky Dory in Kilpauk is hard to categorise - there’s stationery, quirky jewellery, party essentials, and baby products. In one word, awesome. This store is cool because it covers more ground in less space, and we love it. 

We found blowouts, party horns, and the good old balloons, snow in a can, coloured thermocol arrangements, and party hats. There are a bunch of other products which will be rolling in soon, so check them out at Hunky Dory. 

Ladies, if you love wearing quirky and tiny studs, shop earrings that look like emojis, animal-themed earrings, and weird geometric shapes in goth colours. Our fave are the orange bunny ear rings and the pink bear earrings. These ear rings are priced from INR 25 and duh, will completely change your style. 

The stationery here is pretty rad too, right from the fur/skull pens and paper knives to markers and cutesy pencil boxes. We found stickers and pouches we couldn’t let go of. Finally, get all kinds of baby products here - diapers, strollers, giant teddy bears (cause doesn’t every baby need one?), and children’s clothing. Gotta say, we’re feeling pretty hunky dory walking outta this place (pls don’t hate us). 

How Much Did It Cost

₹500 - ₹1000

Best To Go With

Family, Big Group, Kids

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