This Tiny Stall In Chennai Citi Centre Offers The Coolest Antique Jewellery!

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What Makes It Awesome

Every state and corner of India has something extraordinary to showcase. The heritage never dies, and now you can proudly own a piece of it as well. Indian Bazar in Mylapore's Chennai Citi Centre Mall may be tiny, but it offers some stunning knick-knacks that are worth treasuring. Located on the first floor, right in front of Lifestyle store, this place offers antique silver jewellery made out of semi-precious stones.

As we went through their collection, we fell for the soft tones of the stones and the intricacies of the statement jewellery. There are earrings showcased over the extreme corners of the table. You can find both studs and danglers at Indian Bazar. There are necklaces presented in the glass shelves behind. You can also find sets of necklaces and earrings to go for. They have bracelets and watches as well. We loved their  Mother of pearl thick bracelet with a click button. We also found some symbolic, minimal jewellery with a silver cross and a stylised 'Om'.

The price range starts at just INR 250 for ear studs and can go up to as much as INR 1500 for necklaces. As you browse more, Indian Bazar also offers Kashmiri Shawls and Jamawar shawls. They may not be real Pashmina, but the softness will make you want to cuddle up right there. They come in subtle, muted colours and traditional designs. Along with it, we also found a few cutlery and other accessories like lamp holders, clay bowls and even chillum. One of our favourite picks was the transparent chillum with studded semi-precious jewels and silver detailing. 


The store may be tiny but you won't find repeated items. The shop owner is humble and sweet too. He will help you out with choosing the best of antique and even give you a little background on each.


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