Why Itsy Bitsy Is Still The Place To Be For All Craft & Knick-Knack Lovers

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What Makes It Awesome

Although a Bangalore-based hobby store, Itsy Bitsy has had quite a fan following ever since it opened in the city.  And there's a good reason for it. THE VARIETY. Spread across three outlets —Velachery (opposite Phoenix Marketcity), Mylapore ( in Bishop Wallers Avenue) and Anna Nagar (Shanthi Colony), this awesome store sees hundreds of walk-ins every day for all sorts of craft and stationery materials. Filled to the brim with everything from art to baking supplies, artificial flowers, wicker balls, tea candles and more, you really need some restrain here to avoid overspending.

We went to their store in Mylapore and found an entire wall dedicated to paper of different textures, colours, styles, and sizes. And for all those who enjoy making their own jewellery, you are going to fall in love with Itsy Bitsy's beads section – which is also an entire wall of beads of different colours and textures ranging from stone to shiny and matte finish plastic, as well as wood and terracotta.

But this is truly a haven for all those who love scrapbooks. Different types of paper are just the start! There’s washi tape with different prints, lace, ribbons and trims, foam and rubber stamps, stickers and flower embellishments, and of course markers, pens and highlighters. Your kids will love Itsy Bitsy too. They’ve got the perfect additions for every school project and even just stationery that can be used every single day. And as if there isn't enough to feel spoilt for choice already, Itsy Bitsy even treats you with home décor. Like Wow! 


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