Kids Corner: This Activity Center Is All Things Awesome! Cheggit Out!

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What Makes It Awesome

Jhoola in Nanganallur is an activity center that focuses on unstructured learning. Started with the idea of breaking from the monotony of mechanized living that most kids follow today, this place lets your little one discover its interests on its own. By exposing them to a bunch of activities, all pegged around a certain theme, every month, Jhoola educates them about that particular concept while giving them the space to indulge in what they like, and having loads of fun. 

An after-school activities centre, Jhoola offers your kids access to a super cool library, indoor and outdoor team games and an art and craft centre. It also has a board game club that would make even you envious. The twist here is that they not only have your modern games but also over 20 traditional games with each game centred around honing a particular skill. 

In total, there are four slots spread across Wednesday and Saturday. You can sign up your little one for one of those slots. Unlike most other learning centres, here, kids of all age groups are made to learn and play together. Open to children between age 6-12, monthly fees start from about INR 1200. Say hello to new ways of learning! 


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