Put On Your Fitness Shoes And Head Out With Bicycles From This Store In Velachery.

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Gear up your stamina because this store in Velachery will take you on a ride with their colourful bicycles.

What Makes It Awesome

Fresh air and fitness go hand in hand. If you aren't one of those gym lovers and would prefer fresh air over sweaty bods then why not go for some cycling? Just Buy Cycles store in Velachery sells cycles that are so tempting and bright, they could cut through air while taking you places! They have bicycles for men, women as well as kids. They mostly have cycles from Hero, although you can find other brands such as Avon as well. 

Choose your height and the thickness of the tires. They have slender framed cycles as well for everyday use. Why not reduce pollution a little by using a cycle? Ladies, they have pretty in pink patterned options for you as well. Add a ring bell or even a basket! They have the options of geared bicycles as well for easier and faster navigation. You can always sit and ride it around the store to test your comfort in the cycle. The instore team is very helpful and helps you choose the right one for yourself. Ladies specific cycles start at INR 2000 while unisex cycles start at INR 5000.

Just Buy Cycles has kids special cycles too with two as well as four tires for beginners. You could even choose a cute Pokemon or Tom and Jerry themed tri-cycle for your toddler. Add in a cute bell for that happy tring-tring sound! Kids bicycles start at INR 1000. You can even buy your child a kids' scooter. You can get them customised for patterns as well. Just Buy Cycles even does servicing for your cycles along with selling professional cycling accessories. Helmets, gears and even special shoes, you can trust them to give you the best ones.


From 1st September, they will be starting cycle rentals with a pre-deposit of INR 5000. You just have to provide them with an ID proof and fill up a form for damage control. They also host marathons and events around the city that you could always sign up for.


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