Let This Shop Terracotta It’s Way Into Your Home

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Add an indie touch to your home with handmade terracotta decor from this store in Nungambakkam. From pots, cups and jugs to wall hangings and wind chimes, find all things terracotta at K Janaki Handicraft store.

What Makes It Awesome

This little shop tucked away in Kamrajapuram is your single-window if you are looking to spice up your cave with some traditional Indie designs. Terracotta handicrafts are the best when it comes to making your house look elegant and modern with an archaic touch to it. K Janaki Handicraft store has a colossal collection that will cater to all needs, be it aesthetic or for regular use.

At K Janakis store, we found a set of six coffee mugs that looked ready to be sipped at in our backyard. Further, we found a collection of terracotta dinner plates that went perfectly with the coffee mugs and then we just had to complete the set by getting a set of terracotta water glasses as well. 

We loved their decor pieces including the dainty bell wind chimes and the long traditional carved face wall hangings. Each piece is crafted with such intricacy and precision, it reflects in the finished piece making it look perfect to be placed on your living room wall or in the patio. K Janaki Handicrafts also stocks terracotta bowls which are filled with water and decorated with fresh flower petals and we loved them!


Check the pieces thoroughly before you make your purchase. The shop is stacked to the brim making it possible for the handiwork to have chipped in a few places.

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