Drop By This Restaurant In Bessy For Unlimited Food on Mondays & Tuesdays

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If Chicken Tikka Pasta and Waffle Pops don’t sound exciting enough, how about getting an unlimited amount of your favourites?

Kalo’s, Chennai’s new gourmet restaurant in Bessy {right next to the beach} has an amazing offer to brighten up the dullest days of the week – Mondays and Tuesdays. You can feast your heart out at Kalo’s with an unlimited spread two days of the week – as long as you make it there between 5pm and 9pm.

Start off with some creamy mushroom and cheese fries or pop in some barbecue flavoured chicken popcorn. You can also nibble on some smoked chicken and cheese nachos before moving on to their thin-crust pizzas. If we make it, we’re definitely going to give the local Chicken 65 pizza a try. The prawn, roasted mushroom and pesto pizza also sound like a rad combination. Vegetarians will have to shell out INR 449 and non-vegetarians about INR 499 for this all-you-an-eat party!

This continental spot is also becoming popular for the waffles they serve. You can pick from salted caramel and banana, Nutella, and white and dark chocolate bar flavours. In case you want to skip dessert and just sip on something sweet there are flavoured mojitos you can choose from.

So grab your friends and head out to this little spot by the beach to cure your Monday {and Tuesday} blues!


Mahananda Bohidar is a feminist who loves food, books, travel and quirks. She's forever caught in the teaching + learning loop. She believes biriyani is the answer to everything. When she isn't working, she likes to cook, work out, listen to music and sometimes just stare at the ceiling. She belongs to Orissa and calls Chennai home, for now.