This Kitesurfing School In Rameswaram Makes For Great Adventure Sporting & Seaside Bliss


    Featuring the only Kitesurfing School in Tamil Nadu, Quest Expeditions brings the whole water sport experience to its two beautiful seaside properties.

    Bed And Breakfast

    Situated 30kms away from the seaside paradise that is Rameshwaram, Quest Expeditions has two properties from which they operate. Both have beaches with crystal clear water and beautifully soft clean sand. Accommodation is advised at these properties as the beach where all the surfing happens is isolated. Kathadi North is one of the two properties and has four boutique rooms for you to occupy, whereas Kathadi South has more of an outdoorsy setting, with its camping options {equipment provided} and thatched huts. The properties have all basic facilities like Wi-Fi to hot water and clean bathrooms, so rest assured you won’t have to worry about ‘roughing it out’ too much.

    Additionally the staff, the kitesurfing instructors, kayaking guides and surfing instructors also live at these properties, so you’ll have ample opportunity to get to know more about the sea sports you’ll be trying out. Breakfast, lunch and dinner can be arranged by the staff, if you give them advanced notice.


    So you’ve never tried kitesurfing and you’re nervous about trying it out, worry not, the instructors here will walk you through all the basics. Interested in stepping it up a notch? They’ve got advanced courses certified by the International Kiteboarding Organisation {IKO}. A beginner course can be shared by a small group, and it includes three hours of orientation type activities to help get you confident. Price for the beginner course at this time is INR 7,500 per person.

    Though if kiteboarding doesn’t tickle your fancy, they’ve got windsurfing, kayaking, sailing and stand-up paddleboarding courses too! All their sea sport courses come with the required equipment. Speaking of which, if you’re a pro and know the ropes but just need the equipment, renting is an option too.

    We’re bummed that we didn’t know about Quest earlier, but now that we do, we’re eyeing the long weekend of Jan 26 for some kitesurfing action.


    For more info about Quest and what they do, check out their website here and their Facebook page here.