Get Healthy, Power-Packed Meals Delivered To Your Doorstep By This Awesome Chennai Brand

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What Makes It Awesome

Finding the right diet, with a proper calorie count and ingredients is always tough. Even if we do, it might not taste so great. However, Lean On Me is here to save your day. This online, delivery-exclusive brand offers some of the yummiest lunch and dinner options which you can subscribe to. Few of the items from their menu includes Brown Rice Pulao with Chicken/Paneer, Creamy Mariana Whole Wheat Pasta with Chicken/Chickpea with veggies and Chicken/Kidney Bean Fajitas.

We recommend you try their Pesto Spaghetti with Grilled Chicken, which is made with olive oil and a in-house pesto sauce, which is filled with nutrients and protein. The whole meal comes up to just around 483 calories. Their 10 day, 10 meals subscription plan starts at INR 2500 for the veg option and INR 2750 for the non veg option. If you're looking to try just a meal, then Lean On Me offers a single meal option with starts at INR 300. That'll be the perfect time to try the Peri Peri Poha with BBQ Chicken or Paneer!

Lean On Me also offers delish salads and the signature, Mezze Whole Wheat Wrap with Suya Chicken. This makes sure that your healthy diet has good taste and is loaded with nutritional value. If you're looking for a spicy punch in your salad, order the Sriracha Salad. Made with Chicken or Tofu, with a dash of Sriracha to feel that spice! The Hoisin dipping sauce balances the flavors and makes it more irresistible. Try this Chennai brand, if you're looking to healthy, delicious, low-calorie meals, loaded with proteins.