Your Fave Pilates Studio Has Gotten Bigger And Better & We Have All The Deets!

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Known mostly for pilates and yoga, Leap Wellness Studio has now shifted to Park Hyatt Chennai and is offering an extensive range of services you would love! 

What Makes It Awesome

Always having functioned as a fitness boutique studio, Leap Wellness Studio has shifted from Alwarpet and is now operating out of Park Hyatt Chennai. We know what you're thinking. No, it's not gotten too expensive. Having a separate entrance, this fitness studio offers a range of services sans the expensive memberships you would normally expect out of a hotel gym. It's just a bigger (and better) studio with access to cool facilities like the hotel pool, the gym, Antahpura Spa and even the hotel's F&B division, through which they offer food consultation services that can help you stay fit. 

As for the classes, they most certainly have yoga and pilates being taught by Nita and Santosh, the founders of Leap Wellness Studio. But there's also strength and body conditioning, body toning, meditation, couple fitness packages and more. You can also learn dance styles like contemporary, hip hop or opt for Zumba, all taught by visiting instructors. There are barre classes too. Most of these classes are conducted in groups as well as in a one-on-one format. 

Not just that. They also have an indoor golf studio, where you can take golf coaching and practice. If you're a professional golf player, you can even book out the space for your daily practice. Pretty cool, right? 


You can opt for their membership plans to save more and engage in more activities. You can also take two classes for trials, where the first one is free. 


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