Eat Healthy Food Or Customise Your Meal With The Former Mr India

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Love At First Bite started by former Mr. India, Bharat Raj serves healthy food boxes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. He can also customise a diet for you based on your body type. 

What Makes It Awesome

It is not every day that a former Mr. India title winner opens his own restaurant. So, when Chennai-based Bharat Raj announced Love At First Bite, a fitness takeaway joint, we were super excited. The food offered is protein-rich, healthy and most importantly tasty. No prizes for guessing that one. The restaurant is located right above The Body Studio, a gym, also started by Bharat. They have subscription-based food boxes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. 

For breakfast, the box will have overnight soaked oats with fruits (each day there will be a different fruit), along with egg whites (in the form of scrambled eggs, paneer stuffed eggs, egg pizza, egg muffins, and Greek scrambled eggs) along with one portion of cut fruits and multigrain pancakes. The breakfast box is priced at INR 250. 

Chicken, fish, and veggies - choose either of them for your lunch and dinner box. What's better? Bharat has tied up with fishermen who deliver the fresh catch every day at the restaurant. We tried their vegetarian lunchbox that came with sesame grilled tofu, mixed vegetables, mixed lentils, green salad, and topica pearl. One box can fill you up for the next few hours and you are left with the satisfaction of having a healthy food. They have a set lunch and dinner menu that changes every day. But what's constant is that it is all healthy, high on protein and measured to perfection. 

For those looking to get fit can schedule a special diet consultation session with Bharat, who will then cusotmise your diet and will provide special meal boxes for all the three times. Each body type is different and has different requirements, the meal box will be measured and will be cusotmed based on each one's needs, says the 2014 title winner. That's not it, you get special discounts if you also join the gym! The lunch and dinner boxes are priced at INR 320. 


They only deliver until Santhome. They will start delivering at other locations once they get onto food delivery apps. They also have cold-pressed juices that come in different flavours. Call Bharat a day in advance to order a meal for the next day.