Book Now: Luxurious Spa Sessions For You & Bae In Chennai

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Want to unwind with bae? Couple spa sessions are perfect!  Easy and definitely relaxing, check out these spas where you can go with bae and come back feeling rejuvenated. 

River Day Spa

Their Egmore branch has got three amazing couples spa sessions for you to choose from and all three get you a one hour massage, with additional perks depending on what you select. The River Blissful (INR 14,000 for 4 hours) has two massage sessions, a body scrub, a facial and a surprise gift for the couple. The River Ecstasy (INR 9,500 for 140 minutes) has a couples massage session and a body scrub. Lastly, the River Re-Connect offers a one-hour massage session and a surprise gift for INR 4500. 

Manthra Bali Spa

Get the royal Bali treatment at Manthra for you and your better half and enjoy uniquely designed spa treatments to relax your body and mind. They have two couples packages priced at INR 8200 and INR 11,000 each. The first one comes with Aromatherapy, and you can choose between Balinese/Swedish massage/ Bali yoga and lasts for 60 minutes. The second one includes the same components but lasts for 90 minutes. There's a combo package too which is priced at INR 12000 and lets you enjoy the above-mentioned massages along with add-ons like Ear Candle, foot massage, head and shoulder massage, face massage and body scrub. 

Oryza Day Spa

This is a popular spa in the city and their reputation for delivering the best kind of massage therapies is well-known as well. They don't have dedicated couple therapies but you can sign up for sessions at the same time. You can go for their Organic Body Ritual (INR 9950) which is a massage involving organic products that are perfect for all skins. It starts with deep exfoliation and concludes with a body massage. There’s also the Aromasoul Volcanic Scrub (INR 9950) which is a revitalising body scrub that is inspired by different massage techniques.

Ayatana The Wellness Spa

Ayatana promises an experience to just let yourself relax and take a break from everything. While they don't have dedicated couple massages, both of you can together choose from their body massages, foot massages, facial scrubs, warps and bath soaks. This is truly an indulgence that will do just the trick for you and bae to relax completely. 

Willows Spa

They offer a wide range of massages and you can choose from any of them for your couples massage. They have a Balinese massage, aromatherapy, Deep Tissue massage, Thai Dry massage and Swedish massages on offer. Depending on the duration of your massage, the prices also vary. For 60 minutes it is INR 5,000, for 75 minutes it is INR 6,000 and for 90 minutes it is INR 7,000. They also offer steam and bath services for couples. 


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