From Art Supplies To Charms And Nail Art Products, This Online Store Is Bringing Its Way Into Our Hearts!

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Madras Bazaar

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What Makes It Awesome

DIY has always been the ultimate shiz! And if you are looking to make your own masterpiece then Madras Bazaar online has everything you would require to go for it. Their categories include embellishments, ribbons and laces, mobile DIY kits and scrapbook stamps. A hint of embellishments on anything just increases the cuteness factor times 50 and these guys have a variety to drool over. You can find wooden embellishments, resin embellishments, fallback embellishments, sequin embellishments, bling embellishments and dome embellishments. The prices for these start at INR 20.

Imagine making your very own frame for that adorable photo of you and your loved one with a touch of rustic with those wooden hearts or glittering resin smiley face. Madras Bazaar also houses some snazzy options for nail art starting at INR 100. You can buy those heavy pigments to paint your nails or mix up three colours for a shiny gradient. They have glitter powder and matte shiny stripes to add as well. Give your nude painted nail a classy look with the addition of a rhinestone on top of each. Or perhaps you would like to go for holographic effect?

Madras Bazaar also stores mobile DIY kits to make your own fancy back cover. They have trendiest of mobile dust plugs as well. You can have your favourite cartoon character sitting atop your phone when you don’t have earphones on! They have jewellery making kits as well with rhinestones and beads if make-it-yourself is your thing. Your hand can create magic with all these!


They have got pretty pastels of baby headbands and little stickers as well. 


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