Have You Been To This Iconic Juice Shop In Nungambakkam Yet?

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Office and college crowd makes Mango & Tango in Nungambakkam what it is. And the extra glasses of juice they give are the small things in life we cherish! 

What Makes It Awesome

If you studied at MOP Vaishnav College or work anywhere near Nungambakkam, the chances are you must have been to this juice kadai at least a few times. This 12-year-old juice shop has loyal fans (Yes, we don't call them customers) of all ages and that's the best part!  

If Juice World near Kolkatta Chat is far from where you live, drop by Mango & Tango. Just like the former, this shop also gives visitors an extra glass of juice, sometimes even two. Choose from fruits like sapota, mango, amla, pomegranate, lemon, carrot, apple, strawberry, mixed fruits, kiwi, papaya, and grape. A glass of juice starts from INR 15 and you literally get two huge glasses. By the end of the second glass, you are super full and satisfied.  

We spotted around 20 people outside the store - college crowd, office goers, and even an adorable elderly couple. And all this at 3 pm on a weekday. High time you said goodbye to aerated drinks and coffee and had something more healthy! We think so! Get off your phones and hydrate yourself with some fresh fruit juice from Mango & Tango. 


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