Stop Those Takeouts In 2018: Five Services Which Will Make Home Cooking So Easy

A new year means a new you right? And if you like us are sick of doing takeaways at work or ordering in at night at home, then you need to get your act together. If you’ve always wanted to start cooking at home at some point or wanted to avoid eating out, then there is no other time to switch over like right now. Don’t worry, our handy list of services that offer everything from marinated meats to DIY meal kits, is going to make your life simpler and help you stick to those New Year resolutions.

Awesome Chef

The peeps at Awesome Chef offers ingredients in a DIY meal kit format that you can cook into a meal in a matter of just 30-40 minutes. You can order one dish or more, and there’s no subscription required! All you have to do is follow the instructions in your kit and your meal is ready in no time. And delivery to most places in Chennai is free! There’s everything from Indian to Continental and Chinese to Mexican. So, for instance, if you want to make tacos — they’ll send everything you need to make one from the veggies to the meat, spices, oil and taco shells! All you need to do is to order a day in advance.

Find them online here.


Fipola offers everything from cold cuts to cut meat and even relishes to marinated meats. And they deliver in 90 minutes! They have ready-to-cook breaded crab cakes, burger patties, shrimp pops, and also marinated Harissa chicken legs, Asian chicken satays and more. Cook, grill or pan fry your meats quickly and make your own salads to go with it. They even have pickles and relishes to go along with their meats. You can even check out a couple of recipes on their site and make everything from Kolhapuri Chicken Curry or Kerala Prawn Mappas. Ready to cook up a storm?

Find them online here.

Posh Nosh

Find it a pain to make a delicious, creamy sauce? Check out Posh Nosh for their jars of all kinds of sweet and savoury sauces and spreads. From Sticky Caramel Sauce that you can add to your desserts{some cheat days are allowed we think} or Roasted Garlic cloves {you can even use the excess flavoured oil for cooking!} to elevate the flavours of your dish, these are 100 percent vegetarian and are also free of preservatives. Learn how to make deviled eggs and bacon, prawn cocktails and vanilla poached pears with chocolate fudge sauce from the recipes on their site too!

Find them online here.

Big Basket

Too lazy to cut your veggies or go out and buy groceries? Big Basket has got you sorted. From coconut chunks to cut veggies and peeled fruits like carrots beans, papaya and even pomegranate, you don’t need to waste time buying ingredients and chopping them up. Add them quickly to make a nice, fresh veggie or fruit salad, if you like us are trying to stay healthy for the new year. They even have specials like a pulao pack with peas, carrots and beans — all cut and ready to be added and cooked for your meal.

Find them online here.


Because Ordook = order+cook! Looking for a meal kit that can be delivered to your door with fresh ingredients? Look no further! They offer handcrafted recipes to choose from in their meal kits, where each meal serves two people. You can choose either a two meal kit in a week or a four meal kit across two weeks. Cook everything from Italian and Thai to Lebanese, Greek, Spanish, and, of course, Indian!  Currently their delivery is closed till January end, so do give them a call before you plan on getting your DIY meal kits.

Find them online here.