Can't Make It To Ritchie Street? Just Hop Over To Mercy Electronics

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What Makes It Awesome

Right off the bat, the first thing you’ll notice about every Mercy Electronics (there are several across the city) shops is how abnormally big it is for an electronics and computer store. Sites like Amazon and eBay have unmatched variety and stock. In such tall grass, Mercy Electronics stands out for a different reason. The store aims to sell commonly-used electronics and computer parts that are affordable and cheaper, goods that they source from Ritchie Street.

They’ve got Chromecasts for your Google devices, telephones, musical keyboards, hair trimmers, AC remotes, iron boxes, torches and all the computer peripherals you could possibly need to build a computer from scratch. While their selection is limited to the common variants, popular branded goods are available, just not the super expensive ones like Beats headphones or Alienware Laptops.  

Stocks of 4 TB Seagate external hard drives, Netgear Modems, Sennheiser earphones, line the walls and give you a sense of the scale of their operation. And the prices on nearly all of its products are below MRP, even the branded ones! They all come with warranties too, so if you accidentally buy something faulty, you can always get it replaced.

Mercy Electronics is also well equipped to handle large orders and accept cash and card payment at all their locations across the city (there are over 6 of these). The service is great too, with all their staff being well informed of their vast inventory. Being one of the oldest and most successful electronics retail stores in the city, Mercy Electronics is a must-visit if you’ve got any electrical and computer equipment needs.

If you’re curious about Ritchie Street and other wholesale markets in the city, click here.


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