Dhokla, Paratha And Ghee: Gorge On All Kinds Of Yum Gujju Food On This One Giant Thali

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Home-sick Gujaratis, there is no way you can miss visiting Mithai Mandir in Vadapalani that serves comfort food with ease. Feather-lite phulkas, spongy dhoklas, ghee blotted parathas, this restaurant is everything mouth-watering. 

What Makes It Awesome

Vadapalani temple is a quite the landmark in that part of town. But what not a lot of people know is that the street right outside the temple has one of the best budget-friendly Gujarati restaurants in town. This hidden gem was discovered by us on one of our visits to the temple. 

This small restaurant has just five tables and a tiny kitchen. But don't judge the restaurant by the way it looks. Order one of their parathas and you will become a regular. The parathas come in different options like peas, paneer, aloo gobi, and cheese palak. However, the good old aloo paratha impressed us the most. The soft and thin phulkas (just like the ones you'll find in Gujarat) come with a big blot of ghee. Just the way we like it because who says no to ghee? Have it with one of their specials, aloo sagu to know what comfort food feels like. 

They also have several options in the chat and sandwiches sections. If there is one thing we suggest you try it is their vada pav or even better try their- dabeli. The stuffing and greasy buns are to die for, literally transporting you to the lanes of Maharashtra. Their badam milk is one of the best in Chennai and is highly recommended. People will end up with a sugar rush after going through their dessert section - from basundi, lassi, rabdi, rasmalai, etc. 

 Unlike other restaurants, you get their thali (Gujarati and Rajasthani) for lunch and dinner and is super filling. Priced at INR 140, the thali comes with two sabzis, rice, meethi dal and kadi, phulka, papad, buttermilk, salad and a sweet. And you don't need to be Gujarati to know this thali is boss!

What Could Be Better

This eatery is always crowded so you might find it difficult to find a spot. They do have seating on the first floor but it is not open on all days. 


They have a lot of savoury and sweet items that will leave you with a watering mouth. Think of any Gujarati snack and you'll find it here - from khandvi, dhokla, to thepla, you name it and they won't disappoint you. 


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