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#MugLife: Get Soft, Gooey Mug Cakes For The First Time In Chennai!

Shruti posted on 30th May

Ten-Second Takeaway

To drink or to eat? Now, that is the question. Swetha Kishore’s Mug Cakes are delicious and you got to try it…Psst, you get to keep the mug too.

Spoonful Of Sugar

Do you look at life as a mug half full or empty? Well, thanks to Swetha Kishore, a home baker in Chennai, you can get a mug FULL of baked goodness. Move over cupcakes and say hello to Mug Cakes, Chennai’s first ever mug cakes company.

What is a mug cake? Pretty much that, a cake in a mug! Here you can choose from flavours like Red Velvet with creamy white chocolate frosting {interesting and super yum, tried and tested by yours truly}, Choco Dream that’s all chocolate {including sprinkles} and Ferrero Rocher {for those who love the addition of hazelnuts and Nutella}.

Cuppa Goodness

Get them priced between INR 145 and INR 175. And the best part is that you get to keep the mug too. You can order a mug of happiness at Brick House Bistro in Anna Nagar, where online orders are available till 3am!

Swetha is also coming up with new flavours every month so there’s going to be marshmallow and brownie based mug cakes and soon, healthy versions for our fitness enthusiasts as well. We can’t wait to eat the cake and keep the mug, what about you?

For more info, check out their Instagram page here.

Mug Cakes

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