These Budget, Soft Comforters Will Make You Sleep An Extra Few Minutes

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Nahar Business House in Prince Plaza is filled with all kinds of bedding accessories at wallet-friendly prices. 

What Makes It Awesome

The price tag on that soft, cozy comforter gettin’ you down? Worry not. We will help you get amazing bedding that makes you feel like you’re sleeping on a pile of marshmallows! Nahar Business House in Prince Plaza has pillow covers, bedsheets, and comforters at super budget prices. 

We particularly like this bed sheet set that has quirky penguin prints all over. The set includes double bed sheets and two pillow covers. The bedsheet sets are priced at INR 500 and the best part? They are all in soft cotton. They have several options for single beds as well and we like that they come in different prints. We found Heyrumbh handicraft, floral prints, and Jaipuri designs. There are duvets with the cutest Tom & Jerry illustrations, we’re never too old for that! 

There are quilts, cushions, foam pillows, travelling blankets, and pillowcases from brands like Springwel, Spring Air, and Kurlon. The comforters are priced from INR 400. There’s a separate section for children, where we found cartoon-themed bedsheets from shows like Doraemon, Dora The Explorer, and The Powerpuff Girls. Like a little fairy tale in your room, then check out their The Snow White and Tangled bedding sets. The sets with Monsters, Inc. and Pinnochio bedding has Disney written all over it and are priced starting INR 450. These budget, comfy bedding will make you hit that snooze button on your alarm a few extra times! 

What Could Be Better

The decor in the store isn't great, and the items aren't too organised, so you may have to look through piles of bedsheets to find the right match. 


The store is more than 50 years old and has received many awards for their quality bedding. So rest assured that you are buying some great quality stuff. We also found curtains, flooring, and home decor items here. 


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