OMG! We Found Books And DVDs Starting INR 30 At This Roadside Spot!

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On the pavement, right near SVS Club in Egmore, Nandagopal sells books, film DVDs, and game CDs starting INR 30!

What Makes It Awesome

How many books are too many books? The answer is there is no such thing called too many books. We know because Nandagopal has been selling them for six years in Egmore and he is always in demand. You can get books (they look brand new!) for just INR 30. The current collection includes over 500 books under different genres. There is fiction, autobiographies, science fiction, and a few academic books and magazines. We found books by popular authors like JK Rowling, Bella Thorne, Earl Woods, and Chetan Bhagat. Their ‘select editions’, a massive collection of popular short stories by authors like Nicholas Sparks and James Patterson is the highlight of this stall. Want to revisit Harry Potter? The books are available at just INR 30! Is this a dream? 

If books have you left you with a smile, the DVD section will broaden that smile. This section has our fave Disney films (Jumanji, High School Musical and Camp Rock, too!) and many other popular Hollywood films like A Walk To Remember, The Parent Trap, and the entire Home Alone series. Right next to this collection, you will find a bunch of CDs scattered around. Here, we found FIFA, Need For Speed, and GTA 4 amongst others. So, hurry up and fill up the racks at home with your fave books and CDs from Nandagopal!

What Could Be Better

This place doesn't have a name or banner, so just look for the SVS Club next to Cosmopolitan Club in Egmore. Or, you can call Nandagopal and he will give you directions. 


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