This All-In-One Entertainment Hub In Bessy Is All Kinds Of Awesome!

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What Makes It Awesome

Nassaa Uth (pronounced ‘youth’) Hub, is an entertainment zone that does almost everything. Situated on Besant Nagar beach, it is a massive four-storied building that is hard to miss. Starting from the top, the terrace is home to an artificial turf futsal (football) ground big enough to play a 4v4 game. Just one floor below it (the fourth floor), you can find a snooker studio with a bunch of tables, and the third floor is a four-lane bowling alley. 

There are bouncing castles too!  We totally love the VR options they have, ranging from swimming in the deep dark seas to running almost in real-life temple run setting. Nassaa Uth Hub also offers several arcade games. You can go back a little in time when pixel games like Mario and Prince were all that there was. The arcade also features driving games with steering wheels, joysticks as well as toy bikes which will actually make you feel like you are in a real-life racing zone. You can win some extra tickets with Jackpot Wheel, shoot down some zombies with a virtual gun or even pick some soft toys from the suspended picker!

If you want to be modern about it, then you can go for XBOX and Playstation games. They have computer games too! We know you have missed them. Nassaa Uth Hub also has a special section for kids with slides, ropes and soft grounds. Let's not forget their ball pit, trampoline and a bouncy house. Now post-playing so hard, you will need to sort out those hunger pangs, right? Head straight to the second floor, which has a huge food court complete with seven different restaurants. 


They have a hall which you can book for parties and other events. Along with that, they host various team building activities that you can sign up for.


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