Hoard Up On These Cutesy Bookmarks And Cards From Nibs & Tools

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From bookmarks and thank you cards to frames and journals, get dreamy illustrations to satisfy the stationery hoarder in you. 

What Makes It Awesome

Greeting cards never go out of style, and in this age of emails and keypads, we’re loving these vintage-looking, cutesy greeting cards with captions like ‘be ridiculously amazing’. Yakshi Chouhan started Nibs & Tools in February last year and has been customising bookmarks, greeting cards, and journals. 

We’re digging the different kinds of handcrafted pastel bookmarks and calligraphy that she makes. Her copperplate calligraphy using an oblique holder pen is all things pretty. One of her bookmarks has a galaxy theme, where the watercolours are blending into each other and the stars have a sparkly effect. She uses acrylic, watercolours paints, inks, and water-based brushed pens to create magic. Her free-flowing freehand drawings are oggle-worthy and her bookmarks are priced from INR 150.

Yakshi tries loads of botanical illustrations using watercolour brushes on Procreate, a medium for digital illustration. She recently sent a snail mail to Belgium, a postcard with intricate, pop up font and illustration. Her customised journals are conversation starters. The one with ‘Bad Bitch’ and a woman’s portrait wearing black shades screams attitude! Keeping autumn in mind, she has designed ‘June Journal’, with washi tapes and a bunch of flowers.  So when you open the book, you have colours on one side and the flowers on the other side. Want a journal you can call your own? Get yours designed soon!


Yakshi is providing calligraphy services across categories. She designs invites for weddings and anniversaries, too. You can call her to get your customised stationery, but it looks like she will soon be retailing out of a store, so, yay!