This Online Store Follows Ancient Formulas For Skincare And We Love Them!

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Nidhi Ayurveda

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What Makes It Awesome

If you want the best for your skin, nothing can treat it better than natural products. Nidhi Ayurveda is a store online that hand makes all its products which are not only natural but also organic and cruelty-free. They have various products focusing on skincare, eye care and hair care.

Soaps, lotions, face packs and creams, Nidhi Ayurveda has collections after collections to look forward to. Hydrate your skin with their non-greasy strawberry lotion and smell all the more fruity while doing it. You can buy it for just INR 300. You can get rid of those dead cells on your darkening face with their almond face scrub. Or perhaps use it to smoothen your skin? Their soaps not only look adorable with carved flowers and more but also are made up of soothing ingredients such as goat milk and oatmeal. Careful not to eat it! They have face wash too and a few glow face serums as well.

Nidhi Ayurvedha also has a range of hair care products from shampoos and conditioners to hair masks and serum. You can give your hair the smell of coffee, the colour of tea as well as moisturise it using aloe! They have rittha powder as well. Mix the powder with water and use it on your hair to get rid of that city pollution dust. Out of everything, our favourite would be their collections of lip scrubs and lip balms starting at INR 150. They smell so tempting that you'd want to eat them. They may contain real strawberries and hibiscus,  but we doubt if they will taste good.


They have naturally handmade lipsticks and kajal as well which contain castor oil, almond oil, shea butter and beeswax. No more chemicals to get that wing!


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