Clover Dining Chairs To Foam Sofas, This Furniture Store Is Solid!

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What Makes It Awesome

Shop luxury furniture (and transform your room) at Not Just Brown in Alwarpet. This store spans across 9,000 sq feet and is filled with modern designs and the latest furniture to help make your life easier.

You can shop everything from chairs and tables to sofas and beds as well as home linens and furnishings at Not Just Brown. We love their collection of chairs. Their Neo-Classical brown leather chair has a different kind of suspended armrest and is super comfy. For a more Victorian look, you can get the Clover chair in Cream Leather. The chairs are priced from INR 5,000.

At Not Just Brown, you can shop innovative furniture combinations. This includes beds with several storage compartments, sliding wardrobes, and slanted nightstands. If comfort comes first, try their Neo Classic teal blue sofa with solid wood and high-density foam. This sofa not only looks awesome but is so comfortable, you can get a lot done right here. You can also shop single and double beds with leather headboards here. They also offer consultations to customise rooms and decide the interior decor, so drop by Not Just Brown to create your dream bedroom and shop chic furniture.

How Much Did It Cost

₹1000 - ₹3000

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