Chocolate Clusters To Milllet Muesli, Get Delish Snacks From This Brand

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What Makes It Awesome

Bored of your regular cereals? Give your snack time a healthy update with this awesomesauce food brand. Based out of Coimbatore, Monsoon Harvest offers tasty munchies made with earth-friendly ingredients. How you may ask? Using millets like jowar, bajra and ragi which use fewer natural resources for their growth, Monsoon Harvest makes crunchy muesli and cereal mixes that are great for breakfast or midday meals.

Toasted and flavoured with cranberry, almonds, fig and honey, dark chocolate and orange peel (you actually get to nibble on these), their muesli is sweetened with palm jaggery which also doesn't require any fertilisers or pesticides during cultivation, making it earth-friendly again. Pretty cool right? Now if you're after something on-the-go, try out their nuts and seeds bars that come with cranberries, nuts, dark chocolates and sea salt. 

Monsoon Harvest also offers delish and intriguing cereals. Featuring a mix of oat clusters and ragi flakes with dehydrated fruits like banana, apple, strawberry, these are also flavoured with cinnamon and chocolate chip. These come in cutesy zip pouches and cost about INR 260 for 350g. We cannot wait to sample these. Check them out on LBB Shop and please do buy! 


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