Paati Knows Best: This Lovely Chettinad Restaurant Is Reinforcing That And More!

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What Makes It Awesome

Paati Veedu is more than just a restaurant. One step into this multi-storey bungalow in T Nagar and it’s like taking a trip back to your childhood if you grew up in Chennai. The vegetarian restaurant named Bhakshana welcomes you with long lost traditional games like Pallanguzhi, Aadu Pul Aatam, Dahdi and others beside a magical entrance. And then there are old school windows, Chettinad pillars, lanterns, radios and everything from our grandparent’s homes, kicking in the nostalgia. There are even several black and white images from the past adorning the walls here.

Coming to the food - be ready to shell out INR 890 per head for the 7-course meal at Paati Veedu includes everything, right from Channa Sundal and Puli Sadham to Pachadis, Vatha Kozhumbu, Semiya Payasam and even filter kaapi. Yes, with a menu that’s altered every few days, Paati Veedu’s spread is quite the extended version of our typical meals.

For us what worked was the Panagam! Yes, that welcome drink that our own paati wouldn’t let us skip! We also relished the Vazhaippo Vadai, Thengai Pal Thalipu Idyappam, Morr Kozhambu, Vatha kozhambu, and Sepangilangu fry. Most of the dishes are simple, less spicy and very satisfying. Don’t forget to take a sip of their filter coffee, served like in our coffee anna‘s trays as you sit and dine comfortably in this nostalgia-invoking restaurant. They've got parking too.

As if, all that isn't homely enough, Paati Veedu also hosts a sweets and savouries shop, from where you could pick up homemade muruku, mouth-watering Mysore Pak and some tangy mango pickle to take back home. We're sold! 


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