Moving In Or Out? Call These Packers & Movers In Chennai For A Seamless Relocation

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Some might say that the hardest part is finding the perfect home, but it’s actually finding a good relocation company to help you move all your things from one home to another without destroying anything in the process. Check in with these packers & movers and relocation services for the best deals when shifting house.

Agarwal Packers and Movers

As one of the most-trusted packers and movers in the country, Agarwal offers moving services not only moving homes, but offices and car shipping. They also handle packing and moving within the country as well as internationally. They’ve perfected the art of packing and moving after having done it for the better part of the last three decades.

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Contact: +91 9300300300

Leo Packers and Movers

With services within the country, Leo Packers have been helping with home relocations, household packing, and transportation of cars and vehicles for a few years now. A Chennai-based company, they have offices around the country and services to all the cities as well. They offer services to help you pack up your house, move and even provide the possibility to store your goods in a warehouse in case of any changes.

Contact: 044 65356001

SVS Packers & Movers

Started in 1997, the company not only moves homes and offices throughout the country, they also offer the services to move equipment and machinery within Chennai as well as the rest of the country. Based out of Porur, SVS will give you the best offer depending on what you request and they also take care of more delicate items that need to be shipped.

Contact: +91 9840794524

Jayam Packers & Movers

While not as old as the other companies on this list, they provide quick services and skilled packers to help you have an effortless experience of moving home. They provide home and office relocations as well as warehouse for storage and vehicle relocation along with making sure your pet is also moved with as little stress as possible.

Contact: +91 9381888844

PM Relocations

With 31 years of service in India, PM Relocations provides packing and moving no matter where the location. They also provide international services and has been accredited by various international organisations {all of which are available on their website}.  They offer storage, relocation assistance, home and office moving. They also help with moving art and your pets, which is a huge bonus.

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Contact: 044 28551600

Santa Fe Relocations

Mostly focused on packing and moving internationally, Santa Fe is a trusted name in the business. They have a skilled and qualified team to pack everything up in the house and make the whole moving process easy, so all you have to do is sit back and wait. Well trusted and quick, if you’re planning to move out of the country, Santa Fe is a good choice.

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Contact: +91 9025077074


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