From Shoes & Ponchos To Tiny School Bags, These Handmade Yarn Products Are So Adorable

Accessories & Bags

Pinnal Kadai

What Makes It Awesome

Chennai is full of artists making new and original products. Add to that list Sangeetha, who started Pinnal Kadai and has been crocheting and knitting all kinds of products. Right from tiny shoes and footwear to clothing and accessories, there's nothing she can't knit. There aren't many crocheters in Chennai and even fewer places where you can buy yarn-based products, that's what makes Pinnal Kadai special. All-things-yarn, you can shop hats, shoes, mittens, skirts, dresses, ponchos, and pants for children. These outfits come with matching accessories and come in a multitude of colours. The minions twin hat set for twin kids is super cute, and Pinnal Kadai also customised clothing. The bell-bottoms with a car and white yarn tee is our fave - your child will look dapper in that outfit. Pinnal Kadai also has accessories and other products. The pink and purple school bag with a coconut shell button is fab and perfect to carry a couple of light books. You can shop floral clips and hair accessories made of yarn as well! The bows and head bands come in rainbow colours and it just looks super unique and are priced from INR 100. You can place orders by calling Sangeetha. Whether it's a cutest outfit for your child or a funky headband for yourself, there's a lot to check out at Pinnal Kadai.

How Much Did It Cost

Under ₹500

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