Scuba Dive Into The Ocean And Explore A Shipwreck Here

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What Makes It Awesome?

Now, get your Titanic mode on and explore a historic shipwreck right here in Chennai’s waters. Salty Bone Divers, a dive school in Chennai Port has a bunch of interesting courses and activities which involve scuba, yay! 

Initially operating from Mahabalipuram, Salty Bone Divers shifted to Chennai Port and have been around for over a year. They offer a beginners course; ‘Discover scuba diving’ for beginners. This is perfect if you have no experience and want to get started. You will train in a pool and then have your first 12 metre dive. The dive site is a shipwreck; the ship called Deccan Pioneer is a Japan-built 103-metre long ship which sunk in 1988. The visibility is super clear and you can explore the different parts of the ship. This course is priced at INR 7,500.

The certified course is a four-day program, and in addition to pool training and audio and video information sessions, you will write an exam. After this, there are two days of training dives. Whichever course you choose, you can see a lot of budding marine life including barnacles, coral reefs, barracudas, batfish, barramundi, moray eels, octopuses, and scorpion fish. You will be accompanied by an instructor at all times, so you’re in safe hands. So, book your sesh and keep that sharpened pencil ready to cross this off your bucket list!

How Much Did It Cost?


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