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Sofar Sounds Chennai

    Be A Part Of Secret Gigs That Happen In People's Living Rooms Right Here In Chennai

    Shruti posted on 21 November

    Ten-Second Takeaway

    Want to be a part of an intimate group of people who just want to enjoy live music for what it is? Check out Sofar Sounds Chennai.

    So Far, So Good

    The story behind this concept started in London in 2009, when a group of people decided that there was too much noise at a local bar and they weren’t  able to listen, let alone enjoy the music. They decided to have musicians over to their place and thus began the journey of Sofar {which has been happening in 371 cities the last we counted!}  It’s all about listening to live music like you’re the only person in the room. For the past year, Sofar has organised secret gigs in our very own city — in people’s basements, furniture stores, boutiques  and places where you won’t regularly find a music session happening. And they like to keep locations and artists under wraps till pretty much the last minute.

    How It Works

    All you got to do is sign up on their website here and the Sofar peeps will get in touch. You can either host a gig, attend a gig, or play at a gig. The exciting part of the process is that you’ll have no idea who’s playing. Once a month, 36 hours before an event, you’ll get an e-mail if you’ve signed up. They’ll just send you a location and maybe some deets like — get a blanket or BYOB. Once you get there, and only then will you know and hear who’s playing. It can be anyone from emerging artists to already established musicians. And the genres can be varied — from rappers to even multilingual artists. At the end of the gig {where there’s between 25 and 80 people at max}, you pay what you feel like and only if you want to.

    There’s a gig coming up on April 22, 2018; sign up here if you want to be a part of something awesome. And where’s it happening? Shh, we’re not telling.

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    Sofar Sounds Chennai