No More Guilt About Untimely Snacking. We've Got Flippies To The Rescue!

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What Makes It Awesome

No, I'm not going to give you any gyaan about how healthy snacking has become a trend and how you don't have to compromise on flavour just so you can keep those calories in check.  The bottom line is this - we all feel hungry - whether it's because of working late hours, an unsatisfactory meal, or because we randomly came across an absolutely decadent food video on IG. And since we're going to give in to our cravings anyway (I mean, for how long can you nibble on boiled peanuts or not eat?), might as well pick something that we can indulge in without having to constantly check the scales, right? Enter Flippies, a snack brand (honestly, it's the name that I found to be the most fun) I randomly found online.  

Their roasted brown rice chips reminded me of the South Indian nippats, and I instantly wanted to try it. I ordered them in Jalapeno Cheese flavour, and rhey were everything I expected them to be - crunchy, cheesy, zingy, and also low-fat! If cheese is not your thing, they've got Chipotle and Peri-Peri flavours too. Ragi chips and jowar puffs (they're like flattened cheeseballs) in flavours like Cheddar Cheese, Indian Spices and more are also there to intrigue you. 

And if you can't get enough of makhanas (next on my shopping list), Flippies has a pack of three for INR 299 (50 grams each). Flavours include Pudina, Peri-Peri, and Cheese. A pack of six brown rice chips starts from INR 240. So, basically, you get your fill of yummy snacks minus the guilt. And, and - all these snacks come without any chemicals or preservatives and you can check them out on LBB Shop itself. Flippin' awesome, eh?  


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