Binge On Brownies & Crackers Guilt-Free With This Snacking Brand

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What Makes It Awesome

Man! Is the healthy snacking space getting competitive? But, hey! More options for us. With portion-sized bites for everyone, Snackexperts has got our attention. An online snacking brand, we love the variety they offer. The best part - all of these come in portion-controlled pouches (range between 50 gms and 100 gms) and have no artificial flavours, colours or preservatives. 

Their foxtail millet twists and chilli cashews are addictive! If you're into superfoods, check out their Sassy Seeds section that includes sweet and spicy seed mixes. Their Triseed mix, made of sunflower, cucumber and pumpkin seeds is our pick. Snackexperts' got bitter gourd crackers too, and we cannot wait to try them! 

In the sweets section, they have nuts, ragi ladoo, uradh dal ladoo, cinnamon and seed infused flapjack fairies (tray-baked oat bars sweetened with honey) and chocolate brownies too (next on our list), made with wheat, jaggery and walnuts. Price starts from INR 108 for 100 grams. Their chewy concoction (mix of dates, roasted peanuts and dried figs), trail mix and chilli cashews seem interesting too! 

What Could Be Better

Some snacks are too expensive when compared to market rates. They can have more gluten-free options too. 


They've got combos that you can pick based on your diet - vegan, diabetic-friendly, low-carb and fat, protein-packed and more. Also, call them to confirm the availability of items.


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