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Urban Farming To Play Dates, There's A Lot You Can Do At This Space

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STEP 126 will help you and your kid get introduced to outdoor games, farming, and other fun activities. They can also arrange for play dates, field trips, birthday parties at this outdoor space. 

What Makes It Awesome

Do the current generation of kids know the value of outdoor games? How often do we see children playing their heart out in a ground or just chit-chatting under a tree? Step 126 located in Sithalapakkam is here to introduce kids to an eco-friendly environment. How? Well, they follow the play way method to teach them the concept of physical strength, conceptual thinking, and concepts of garbology (waste segregation, water consumption, planting, and growing trees). They strongly believe that the ‘real fun is outdoors’ and we totally agree with them! Started this year, the place is currently lead by Sindhuja, Ram, and Roshan.

Step 126 is an outdoor space with equipment and installations that will help kids understand gross motor and fine motor skills. They also have a vegetable patch or the green lab - that is categorised under four zones - veggie patch, herb garden, food forest, and butterfly garden. The green lab is an attempt to create a thriving natural eco-system, supporting various life-forms, says Roshan Vasanth, one of the owner's of the place. Dig out your inner urban farmer with their Farm-Sunday program. 

The space is open to people of all age groups and they customise sessions that can cater to varied groups from 3-year-olds to adults. They also conduct life essential workshops (example disaster survival) for both parents and kids. Besides it being a play area, Step 126 also organises field trips for schools and playgroups, birthday parties, picnics, playdates, small family events, and corporate events. 


S.T.E.P stands for Save-The-Earth-Police. This is a unique concept that nurtures children and adults into sensitive Earth inhabitants by engaging them in some fun, meaningful activities. The activities are designed to inculcate the values of care for self, community, and environment, right from an impressionable age. 126 is the area code of their location.  Thus, the name Step 126.