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Broke In Bessy? Check Out Our Fave Beach Street Food For Just Under INR 100

    Besant Nagar, Chennai

    If you’ve been to Bessy beach, you’ve probably been to Pupil, Mash or Cozee for food. But for the real street food aficionado, those places won’t cut it. Check out our list of epic Bessy street food.

    Mr Kumar’s Tapioca Chip Cart

    There are three things that one can be sure of in this world. Death, taxes and Mr. Kumar’s tapioca chip cart. Rain or shine, he’s at the street corner just south of Barista every single day, selling fried tapioca chips. His 15-year experience has taught him how to make the freshest, dankest tapioca chips we’ve ever eaten. Go get yourself a serving for just INR 20.

    Sindhu Bajji Stall And Akshya Fish Stall

    Run by the nearby fishing hamlets for two decades now, Sindhu and Akshya’s Bajji and Fish stalls are the places to go for fresh seafood and hot tasty bajjis. Near the south end of the beach, their adjacent stalls come alive in the evenings. The fresh seafood especially the seer fish is a must try, though apparently, the hidden stars are the prawns and squid that go for INR 50 a plate. At the Bajji stall be sure to order the chilli (molaga) bajji, which sells for INR 40 for a plate of five pieces. The cool thing about these stalls is that they’re constantly reinventing recipes to attract customers, so when you go there be sure to ask them for something funky and different and see what comes up.

    Bay Fresh Shawarma And Tender Coconut Juice

    Just next to Pupil, Bay Fresh is the only place on the list that sells food for more than 100 INR. However, Bay Fresh is known for its shawarma (starting at INR 80) and it’s novelty tender coconut juices (starting at INR 90 a glass). The shawarma comes in many flavours and sizes and can be customised based on your taste. The tender coconut juices come in many different types too, based on the fruit you ask for. Oh and if you’re worried about quantity not being enough, don’t worry they do 500ml glasses (and even a 1-litre glass!) Try the tender coconut watermelon juice, it is divine.

    Twisted Potato

    Bessy beach has seen a lot of spring potato stalls crop up recently. What’s a spring potato you ask, it’s a neatly carved potato on a stick that’s fried with spices, which when described in such a manner will sound boring. But the truth couldn’t be further from that. They’re both tasty and addictive. So, head to Twisted Potato near Pupil, the spring potato stall that’s the most popular. They have more flavours and types than the other stalls do and their prices start at INR 60. The Mexicana Cheese flavour is the fan favourite.

    Fresh Lime Soda

    Adjacent to Twisted Potato is a fresh lime soda stall. A match made in heaven because after you eat at Twisted Potato you know you’re going to need something cool to wash it down. Try a glass of the sweet fresh lime soda for a refreshing pick-me-up. Each glass sells for INR 25. Oh and did we forgot to mention they do party orders too!

    The Chaat Block

    Also a tiny stall next to Pupil, The Chaat Block sells amazing chaat. With over 40 novel and well-loved items in their menu, The Chaat Block makes all their chaat fresh every morning and disposes everything in the evening and uses zero preservatives. Much like the fish and bajji stall, small guys like The Chaat Block are forced to innovate to stay level with their competition. Enter their legendary Cheese Pani Puri. Sounds outlandish but tastes amazing. Oh and don’t forget to try their vada pav, they’re far better than any vada pav you can buy at a large chain outlet.

    Raw Spicy Mango (Maanga) & Sundal

    Anyone who comes to the beach needs to try the maanga and sundal (a fried/boiled dish made out of chickpeas or regular peas). Great finger food that tastes amazing and can be found at dime a dozen stalls along the beach. You get masala sundal for INR 30 and plain ones for INR 20. Have three pieces of maanga for INR 20.
      Besant Nagar, Chennai