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What Makes It Awesome

Books open a dream way to neverland so why stick to reading the same fairy tales to your kids? Swasam Bookart in Ponmar is a wholesale distributor of children's book that deals with fiction, non-fiction, general knowledge books and reference books. You can find them in both hardcover and paperback.

While they have a book range selling English and phonics for children, their fiction section is what attracts us. Swasam Bookart has storybooks for children ranging from 3 to 14.  From neatly illustrated covers to books with pop up arts, the books here will not only woo children but they will also take you down the road of nostalgia. You can find the classic tales of Snow White and The Sleeping Beauty with vintage covers starting at INR 60. You can also find books based on characters of Winnie The Pooh, Noddy and Tinkerbell starting at INR 125.

Swasam Bookart has a collection of Disney owned books as well where Disney characters come alive but in the form of illustrations and their story in words. They make for dreamy and magical bedtime stories. They have some books on empowerment and tolerance as well. We don't mean boring talks and lectures but illustrated books on dark princesses and even LGBTQIA friendly ones. What a beautiful way to open up your little one's mind! Books like Were-Nana and Mahabharata In A Child's View is truly worth a read.

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