Tacos And Burritos - Here's Why Taco Bell Remains Our Favourite For Mexican Food

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What Makes It Awesome

With four outlets across Chennai, Taco Bell is killing it in the market and totally making us question whether to go for a burger or a taco. The American brand is here to make our lives brighter and better. (Yes, we love tacos more than you). Naked Chicken Taco to Crispy Potato, there's a special taco for each day. Throw in some veggies, and munch on crispy tacos, life just got better right? Their two taco meal is a hit with us. If you are a chicken lover, try from options like Mexican Chicken, Fajita Chicken, Crispy Chicken. For the vegetarian counterpart, they have Pinto beans, Fajita Veg, and Mexican Paneer. Oh oh, and we totally love the Tamil graffiti on the walls here.

Not in the mood for tacos? Get a burrito, rice bowl, or a pizza meal. Taco Bell also has a 'Big Bell Box' which includes a taco, a burrito, Pepsi and fries at just INR 199. The same box in non-veg will cost you INR 249. If you are looking for a light snack, then you can go for their cheese quesadillas. It is simply cheesy, but we love the little saltiness in it and its fun to share. You can also choose to go for their chocolate quesadillas (it tastes really good, btw!)

The best part about Taco Bell? You get unlimited soft drinks! You could just sit there and sip on how many ever glasses of Pepsi you want! They also have shakes and zingy drinks to go with your meal. Their chicken meal is priced at INR 220. 


Fill in the survey form in the bill and you can get 10% off on the next meal.

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