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From Kaala To Adi Aaal, Here Are Mass Crackers To Look Forward To This Year!

Like every year around Diwali time, Island Grounds is thronged by people to horde up on the latest crackers that have flooded the market. However, the cracker stores, as well as the number of people who burst crackers, has been on the decline for the past few years (for obvious reasons like air and noise pollution, child labour, animals being affected, etc.). In fact, the latest rule this year is that people can burst crackers only for two hours on the day of Diwali. So, make the most of the two hours and check out the new crackers on our list.

Bruce Lee

Just like the martial artist, these sky shots are super powerful. Each box comes with two sky shots and last for more than five minutes and burst in different colours. 

Price: INR 1,500


Imagine a pot that opens up like a butterfly and comes in multi-colours. That is Butterfly for you. The cracker itself looks decorative and almost resembles a mug from Home Centre. Open your wings and fly like the butterfly this Diwali.

Price: INR 200

Star Dhoom

This is not your usual flower pot that has been around for the past several years. Light the cracker and you will get to see stars as the pot opens up. We bet this one will be a favourite among kids. 

Price: INR 250

Crazy Wheels

Instead of the ground chakra, this year try the Crazy Wheels that comes in different colours. Each box has more than 20 pieces and this one is also specially made for kids.

Price: INR 250

Adi Aaal

Raji akka gives us a warning when we pick up this one. The noise this one makes is tremendous. Each box has only one piece but the bomb will blow your mind, she says. Love dhoom dhamaka? This one's for you.  

Priced: INR 150

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