This New Cinema Themed Resto Bar Has Opened In Kodambakkam & We Have All The Deets

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Encompassing all things cinema related, Take 2, a new resto bar, is an exciting new night out option in the city will get all movie junkies super excited. Because there is loads of movie trivia involved. 

For the Love of Cinema

Whether you are a movie buff or not, you will still love the quirky ambience and artwork at Take 2 because the experience of walking into this new resto bar is exactly like walking into a cinema! The artwork on the walls involve everything from  Wolverine to namma Superstar and paintings of famous celebs such as Marilyn Monroe. Now, the film references don’t stop there!

The menu has an assortment of flavours from around the world with a quirky film reference to each dish name. From Soup-er Man for soups & salads and Shanghai Knights for the wok tossed noodles, you are bound to spend some time figuring out the film references. If you’re looking for some finger food, then why not try the Titanic, the beach style masala corn or even Ocean’s, a seafood omelette. The menu comprises soups, kebabs, wok tossed noodles, sandwiches, wraps, mains and pastas and pizzas too.

Movie Mania

The options for the cocktails seem to be very quirky with their names and concoctions. Vanilla Sky {how many movie references are you getting yet?}, named after the Tom Cruise thriller, comes with red wine, whiskey and cointreau with vanilla syrup and the Matrix is a vodka and fruit based cocktail. The cocktails are priced moderately and at INR 350 for the signature cocktails, we are not complaining. Also don’t forget about the Darth Rum and Tea Innum Varla. Anyone who fancies foreign liquor won’t be disappointed with the whiskeys and brandy here either!

If you don’t drink alcohol, Not to worry. because you can pick from plenty of mocktails such as  as Forgetting Sarah Marshall and Clockwork Orange, both of which we recommend.

Is It Worth A Visit?

Kodambakkam is well-known as being the hub for cinema in Chennai and Take 2 defines that! This new resto-bar is sure to excite you with its filmi ambience and quirky menu!


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