This Kiosk In Vadapalani Sure Knows How To Put On A Show With Its Tandoori Chai

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What Makes It Awesome

This country can never get enough of chai. We love our tea so much that not only are we super welcoming of the international variants but also the local experiments that keep coming up. The newest form of our experiment is the Tandoori Chai that became famous in the highways of Pune. Chennai may not have many options when it comes to tandoori chai, but we have found a kiosk that serves its purpose most intriguingly. Tandoori Chai kiosk is located near Vadapalani Bridge, towards Hotel Bhimas from CMBT on its left-hand side. As the name suggests, it specialises in making tandoori chai.

What is special about this, you ask? Just like you enjoy your tandoori chicken and chapatis, tandoori chai is made on a hot tandoor. An earthen vessel is placed on a hot tandoor, and when it gets heated up, masala-infused milk tea is poured into it, till it starts frothing. It is then taken out and put into another kulhad. The result is the one we love -  tea with smoky, earthy flavours. It is oh-so refreshing that it will make you click your tongue. Let's not forget how the process slowly caramelises the sugar into the tea. This is exactly what you get in this little kiosk!

But if you want your regular milk tea, they have that too. We will obviously suggest you try this speciality though! Tandoori Chai also serves a variety of cookies and biscuits that you can enjoy with your chai, because what's so fun about an evening tea if you cannot enjoy freshly baked butter cookies with it? There are other sweet varieties and onion samosas too! Or perhaps you'd like some moist fruit cakes with it. 


It is a small kiosk, so they don't have much seating available. Just a few chairs laid out in the front for you to enjoy your evening tea. 


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