Drive Down The Ennore High Road & Enjoy The Scenic Views At Thalankuppam Pier

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What Makes It Awesome

Since the time of the British, people have travelled from different parts of the city to purchase the best fish from Thalankuppam Pier. Situated in Thalankuppam, a fishing hamlet along the Ennore High Road, this pier extends into beautiful blue horizons, making it a popular shooting location for films. However, the pier also lets you come face-to-face with peace and load up on plenty of vitamin sea, making it a fun place to visit for a day trip. 

Located 20 kms north of the Port of Chennai, the Thalankuppam Pier lies near the mouth of the Ennore Creek and is within close proximity to the Ennore Port. Further down Fort St George is the Ennore High Road, along which lies the Thalankuppam Pier. The Ennore High Road is a visual treat by itself — similar to Mumbai’s Marine Drive and the Rock beach of Pondicherry, or even better. The Road runs along just a few meters from the sea and is absolutely instagrammable, as it offers a fantastic view of the magnificent Bay of Bengal.

We drove down to Thalankuppam on a Sunday afternoon and what a day it was to be at the pier, with the sea breeze hitting our face and leaving a taste of salt! It was one of those days when the weather was perfect, in a city which sees four seasons of just summer. Luckily, we got to go boating with the local fishermen. Many Chennaiites also rush to Thalankuppam Pier early in the morning to click photos of the sunrise. The beaches in this area are also squeaky clean and beautiful. Whether you're looking for some time out or just in the mood to spend some time by the waters, this place should be on your list. 


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