Catch Those Fantasies With Dream Catchers From This Online Store

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This shop sells accessories for every happy soul who likes to dream, read and travel.

What Makes It Awesome

Wouldn't dreaming be better if they could good get a physical form? Check out The Boho Store on Instagram. It is a Trichy-based online brand which creates ornamental and colourful dream catchers. Embroidered, beaded and handcrafted, these dream catchers come in various shapes and sizes. Taking the ancient Red Indian tradition to another level, the brand designs some of the most intricately designed dream catchers of your choice. Hang a double catcher by your bed or a beaded with lights one by your night lamp! 

The Boho Store also makes and handcrafts pendants and necklaces with zodiac carving and puffy paints which thick liquid paints which harden just like glue. Carry your star sign with you with their engraved symbols on one side and a beautifully painted scenery on the other. The rustic and vintage look and feel of it make it worth the hype! They also have adorably coloured, handmade badges, hooks, bookmarks and wall hangings. You will get themes from peace symbols to Harry Potter or just sassy lips. 

You can even buy handpainted notebooks as well with bohemian aesthetics or rainbow unicorns or just a relatable quirky quote like "easy peasy lemon squeezy" from The Boho Secret. You can buy dreamcatcher styled bookmarks as well with prices starting at INR 150 per piece. You just have to DM them and they will let you know the prices of your favourite product as each is priced separately! It can range from INR 100 to INR 600.


You can customise your colours, theme and length for your dream catchers.


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