This Lifestyle Clinic Is All About Dedicated Nutrition Support & Functional Fitness

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The Formula is a fairly new lifestyle clinic, that offers nutrition and fitness programmes for anyone looking to fit into old jeans or even beat diabetes.

What Makes It Awesome

All of us can relate to stories of adults who used to be fit when they were young but now suffer from sedentary lifestyles and the problems it brings with it. Being stressed about high cholesterol, possible diabetes and mineral deficiencies is common and yet so scary. That’s what The Formula is here to fix.

They are a group of trained and qualified nutritionists and fitness coaches, who have figured out how to get you to your health and fitness goals. They offer a nutrition programme and an additional fitness programme on top of it. However, the focus is on nutrition as that is the most important component of fat loss.

The nutrition programme is for three months and they go beyond the usual “eat this and don’t eat that” cookie cutter stuff we’re usually fed. The programme begins with a consult, with their founder and (Precision Nutrition) certified nutrition coach, Rahul, who will try to get a sense of your current lifestyle, goals and health profile. 

They go a step further than that and offer nutrition support via Whatsapp, so if you’re at a restaurant and want to eat healthily but don’t know what to pick, ping them! While their nutrition programme is the mainstay of the process, they have an additional fitness programme too. It’s three months long and each hour-long training session takes place at their super cool, indoor, air-conditioned training facility in Alwarpet. The fitness programme is predominantly strength based, that means no boring treadmills or stair climbers, you’ll be doing compound full body exercises like squats and deadlifts, and pushing heavy objects like sleds; in a nutshell, functional fitness. They’ve also got a full-time physiotherapist to sort out any aches and pains you may have.

Their approach to healthy living and fat loss is unlike most conventional gyms and fitness centres in Chennai and we personally can’t wait to go check these guys out.


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